Calming Down

Calming Down..

Hope I didn't  just jinx anything, but stuff around here seems to be or atleast for now have calmed down.  Sandra was taken care of by courtesy of Willow, Xander and of all people Andrew. Angelina is back, and better that whole issue had to do with Sandra, I don't know the whole story or the ins and outs of it, but Sandra is a bitch.. ok so a dead bitch now.. but Angelina is back and Chanel I think is happy about that, I know Angelina is happy about that.

Connor and me are talking again, it took awhile but were good now, talked a whole lot about a whole lot of things and were good, and its nice to know I can still kick his ass in training, but i have to becareful, he is not as strong as he once was, somewhere he lost some of his 'super powers', hence the reason his arm wasn't healing and wasn't letting anyone else heal it either.. not jsut his idocy with not letting people, but when he finally did, it just didn't want to work, but again I think that had to do with Sandra, 'cause it seemed as soon as she was dead, he started to get better..  him and dad are good now to  and thats a good thing, 'casue it was hard to see them fight. Hope and Connor train still, well Connor shows her his knife skills and she picks up on real easy like.. she loves knives though so thats a good thing and Blu is the cutest kid, he likes to help me with Cherry, when he isin't following Lorne or connor around, and they love him so much, but its weird having a little brother, 'cause I was always a only child.. but I like the kid, he's cute and knowledgeable about alot of things, liek what goes on in this house, just ask him, and Sophia, thats who ya go to for info in this place.

Anya and Cory.. oh boy what can I say about that, they leave their room... sometimes.. *giggles*.. they are alot like Willow and Buffy, without the slay or the witchy powers, and sometimes I think that they are trying to out do each couple. and loud OH BOY! are they loud.. but mostly everyone is loud, Like Spike and Maddy and Wes and fred, my dad and Connor *shivers*.. lets pretend I never said that ok?..

Giles got a new watcher, so Tangi has been helping train her along with Wes, shes not a bad watcher, sorta quiet, but I don't think that will last long, not with this loud and mouthy bunch here. Dawnie I think after she came back from the re-hab place she was in for those months, she needed sometime to get herself togeather, I actually like her better than I did before and its fun to watch her torment Buffy, though I won't ever suggest asking Bufft aobut the snake, not if you value your life. I thought she was gonna kill Dawn when she found out it was her, well not literally, but figuritivley. Dawn.. she just giggled and played keep away from buffy for as long as she could then hid behind Tara.. I think that Dawn really does love Tara, she spends a good amount of time with her, and helping her.... watching her.. I'm glad that Dawn got herself togeather.

Molly is doing better, comes out of her and Angel's room all the time now, helsp research, and helps do other things around here.. still a bit skiddish but I guess thats to be expected since that Knox idiot.. Have I mentioned they are another pair that are loud, ever since Willow anchored his soul and yea.. well.. thats all I'm saying there about that..

Max is the doc, well yea I suppose ya'll knew that, and Manda is his slayer, shes cute, got a big cat thought, thought giles was gonna dear lord himself right out of his chair when Kiki showed up in the create, but hey he did say she could send for her cat.. big ole white tiger, shes cute to, and kinda scarey when she is pissed, and boy oh boy, god help the demon that touches anyone in this house and she is around, they would be one giant kittytizer. Max is good for Manda thought, that shell she used to be in, well she so ain't in it now, miss outspoken, evne if it takes her forever to get out, she will tell you what she thinks, but always in a polite way, its kinda cute.

Clair and tangi train each other, I guess its easier that way, since they seem to be the only two garou in the place, and they have big teeth, oh boy yes they do.. Especialyl tangi, and don't get on her bad side, I was there for a long time and I'm finally not anymore and its such a good thing to!.  Clair and Alfred and Xander are all togeather, thats another bunch that is loud.. LOUD!, especialyl after Patrol,.

Well I dont think I am missing anyone at this point.. maybe me and Rocky?.. were good, better, way better, got alot of stuff sorted out, stuff that had nothing to do with him, had to do with me, and Kennedy.. yea that bitch from long ago, the one that no one can seem to find anoywhere, and yea, they been looking, trust me, they been looking for her, a rogue slayer so ain't good.. but yea, she was alot of reasons for stuff, and Gunn to, but when I finally sat down with Rocky and just told him everythin about how I was feeling and all the sorta thing, and stuff, we talked alot, ALOT, and it was good, and it stil is good, becasue I can talk to him, sometimes I still find myself not wanting to, but I make myself.. and Cherry, shes the best thing that ever happened to me.. Gunns a jerk, Rocky is and will always be her father.. and then there is Collin, who is her partner in crime.. picture a little giles running around with the attitude of Faith and you got Collin, and Cherry, she looks like Rocky, and I still say she acts like him to.. but if you ask anoyone else they say she acts like me, so NOT true!, never believe them!, they know not of what they talk about!.. *smiles.*

lesbiannow magickred

This Place is Insane

Buffy thinks that she is in a mental institution.

The way she is acting, that probably would not be a bad idea.

She thinks that all of us are, in her imagination.

As if in her imagination, I would be this poor.

And here everyone thought that Giles would be the one with brain damage after all those hits to the head.  I always said he had a very hard head. Harder than most I have seen.

So, Buffy is in 'la la crazy land' and, of course, Willow is going crazy herself trying to find a spell to heal her.

I have been helping Faith and Jennifer with the junior slayers, along with running this house, which is an EXHAUSTING job. Not to mention, irratating. How many times do I have to hear about menstrual cycles, highlights and Twilight?

I mean, really, that movie if such a work of sheer fiction. Vampires that attend high school?

Please, people really need to stop trying to use the mystical world for entertainment. They ALWAYS get it wrong.  Anf if listening to the, 'Eward cools' isn't bad enough, Spike has to keep reminding us how he could kick Cullen ass.


Men are just plain stupid, whether alive or dead.
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Coming Home

6 months..

Its been 6 months since I checked myself into the rehab center at the hospital.

Its been 6 months since I've seen anyone from home, oh not because I'm sure they didnt' wanna come and see me, but it was my choice to have the center tell everyone that I was not taking visitors.

I wasn't trying to be a bitch, so NOT, I jsut needed to focus on myself, and not worry about everyone else, though, I ahve to say it so did not stop me from worrying about everyone else, casue I so did, worried everyday.

I knew that if something serious was to happen, people dying or anything like that, then the center would ahve gave me the messages and I so would have been right there, but as it was, no one died, and I got to focus on myself, and getting better for me, not for everyone else.. thats what I learned in rehab..

But now, now I'm going home, I still never told anyone, I wanted it to be a suprise, I made Giles an ashtray.. yep he don't smoke, but every English man needs an ashtray on his desk.. tho it took forever and after the ashtray fiasco of 2008 as we like to call it back at the center.. I never made anything else *grins*

I missed everyone a whole lot, even the damn chickens that used to chase me around the barns.. but I'm here now, my backpack in hand and I am walking through the door.. yep this is me, walkign through the door.. turnign the knob, walking through.. oh gawd what if they don't want me back?

I take a deep breath and go inside quietly, I will find out I suppose ifthey don't want me anymore.. and deal with it then, one step at a time.. one step at a time. 

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She's missing.. so!.. who cares!.. certinally NOT ME!.. see what she did to Chanel when she left like last week!.. who fucking cares.. but OHHHH NO, we gotta be out here looking for her sorry ass and .. and.. and its not evne in MY job discription!.. I am NOT a slayer!.. I'm Garou!.. we are higher up on the food chain than the slayers and humans!.. ask Tangi, she'll tell ya hwo it is.. she's nto happy about this either.. least I'm pretty sure she's not.. ANgelina can go suck her big toe for all she cares.. I think that is what she told Rupert and Faith before walking off this morning..

That was this morning.. we been out all fucking day.. Oh yea, we gotta look for the sorry excuse for  Chanel's girlfriend!.. poor Chanel can do way soooo much better than her, dunno why she dont' like jsut ditch the bitch already.. But she's been a mess,a nd I feel bad for her.. I knwo she loves her.. gawd only knows why tho!.. theres gotta be some blonde out there more suitable for her.. someone more suitable to treat her better and nto hit her or call her names!.. stupid *GROWLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS**

Poor Connor, been stuck with her all day to.. well not stuck with her int he bad sence, tho He won't let no one else near her to much.. and he's looking like he's ready to loose it all himself, everytiem some one mentions her name.. Chanel starts crying and Connor starts growling.. loudly to, I haven't heard any one  other than a garou growl that loud before..

I shake my head and take a seat on the porch steps waitign for Tangi to get her ass out here so we can go lookig again, misses I wanna o home to pee, I'm not using a public toilet, and I dont' feel like shifting to piss either  *GROWLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS*, Faith and Rupert really need to do something with her wolf,she's pissy all the time .. ALL the time.. and nwo Angelina and  Faith and Hope's mother still out there doing crap.. stalkign for now.. but you kwow she's got someone working with her, who?.. not a fucking clue, nope don't got a fucking clue.. *growlsssss*

But i don't  know much about this, just know that Faiths mother may have something to do with Angelina disappearing and that everyones on edge.. yep.. gotta love that a house or two full of slayers and there all on edghe ontop of being mostly annoyign casue there all girls!.. girl slayers!.. whats THAT all about!..  stupid powers that be!..*GROWLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS*

I look over as the door opens and queen bitch comes walking out

"well miss prissy garou go potty in the  house?"

I smile at her cutely and then growl

"your garou tangi, go on the fucking lawn next time, cause I ai't walkign all the way back here jsut so you can pee in your own bathroom!"
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Behind the Magicks

I finished talking to Uncle Rupert, who has worked out a plan to see who, exactly, is doing magicks on me.

Tomorrow I shall go into town...Faith and Buffy, close behind. My dear uncle believes that whoever is responsible, may make a move on me while I am away from the house. Willow ran a few spells on me, however nothing came up. Whoever is responsible for this is most clever.

Tho' not as clever as us.

We shall find them and then.....